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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Opit Online

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Delicious /OPIT - Sharable Bookmarks Community File

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Diigo/Oldephartte - Sharable Bookmarks Community FileClipmarks/Oldephartte - Sharable Notes Community

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Google Reader/Oldephartte -Sharable RSS CommunityLivejournal/Oldephartte -Weblog
oldephartte(intraining) - archives for My Opera posts
September 2010 also added TPM Cafe posts (TPM  reader blog posts end Oct 1)
Open Salon - John Farnham's Blog
Opit's LinkFest!or Oldephartteintraining II at Opera
Netvibes/Oldephartte395 -Social Personalized Homepage
Pageflakes -Social Personalized Homepage
StumbleUpon/Oldephartte -Sharable Bookmarks Community
TPM Cafe/Opit - Blogging Community : Politics ( Archive )

Caption of Netvibes login pageImage via Wikipedia
I often frequent Care 2 and Current TV/Opit News Sharing Communities
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