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Thomas Paine

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 August - Surfing Notes

Assange becomes a hero - Support Wikileaks - F...Assange becomes a hero - Support Wikileaks - Free Assange (Photo credit: Takver)LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 22:  A protester wearin...LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 22: A protester wearing a face mask displaying the American national flag and holding a placard displaying an image of Julian Assange shows her support for Julian Assange outside the Ecuadorian embassy on June 22, 2012 in London, England. Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website, has sought refuge in Ecuador's London embassy to prevent him from being extradited to Sweden on allegations of rape and assault. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Gareth Porter: Civilian Deaths from US Drone Attacks Much Higher than Reported

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: 8 Big Problems with the “Case” Against Assange by Naomi Wolf

Jones: There should be no immunity for Julian Assange from these allegations

Actually, we usually do have immunity from àllegations`. It`s called Libel. Not to mention the public perverting of potential jurors by ``media``.

Danielle Reynolds 9 days ago
Well, if it so clear that is rape why the case was dismissed for 2 years, why 2 more years later he has not been charged and why the Swedish justice want to have "an interview" with him in secret and in Sweden? and why they refused to have such in London?, there are allegation she took a picture of him naked in the bed and showed as a trophy too, not too much for a raped woman. Come on, nobody eats that, is would be rape they have had 4 years to charge him.
They don't want to do so because what they want is to have the interview, say alright, you are free of these case but we have to send you to the US. This is why there are no charges.
Paypal got 1 million GBP, and Visa another one allegedly for "illegal" activities, this money is not linked to "rape" either not he has been charge with anything in 4 years.
Paper Democracy, the same you have in Magistrates Court and everybody knows it.

MicheleDerry 9 days ago parent
Well said, Ms Reynolds. This is a 'witch hunt' reminiscent of the McCarthy era. Recall when George Galloway was framed by western intelligence services for his opposition to the war in Iraq? At a Congressional hearing, he so eloquently exposed their lies.

Professer Kevin Jon Heller on Mark Klamberg

Mark Klamberg's post arguing that it is the Swedish government, not Sweden's courts, that is the final decision-maker on extradition; Klamberg was one of four legal sources I cited in my column on the false statement by David Allen Green about extradition):

Why is it Al Jazeera, and not the US press, that’s covering the Gulf seafood deformities?

Yitzhak Laor: Apologize to Vanunu

Mosh√© Machover: Netanyahu seeks war with Iran so he can ethnically cleanse the West Bank 

Stephen R. Shalom: Why we need to divest from the US-backed Israeli Occupation 

The Disinherited: Syria’s 130,000 Golan Height refugees  

(  Anyone who followed the flight of blogger Riverbend of `Baghdad Burning` to a Syrian refugee camp for 2 years or more - I believe she was also in Cairo at the ousting of Mubarak in Egypt, not drawing a parallel with Saddam Hussein`s fate - might reflect on the ( 2 in exile and 4+ internally perhaps ) millions displaced from their homes just from and in Iraq. Her blog  brought forth the selective attacks on the poor...and unarmed.  )

If WikiLeaks is persecuted, journalists will become criminals...what are your thoughts?


Dear Moron: the only thing you can "delete" on Twitter is your own tweet. Congrats: you've been erasing yourself RT...

GOP will suppress Jewish vote for Obama by demanding hunting licenses as only valid ID's.
  ( Now THAT is satire )

Jonathan Cook: remote-controlled killing 

Amira Hass: Israel knows that peace just doesn’t pay 

Edward Said: Imperial continuity – Palestine, Iraq, and US policy (video) 

US envoy has ‘good relationship’ with pro-’annihilation’ Israeli rabbi via

Dorm Room Favorites: microwave meals


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